To see who has licenses, any machine on the LAN can install the Autodesk Network License Manager.  Download it from here:


They need admin privileges to install it, so you’ll probably have to log in as UserAdmin to install it for them.


Next, create a Windows Environment Variable that tells the NLM where to find the license server.  Instructions for doing that are here:

For the variable value, use @vmsvr.


Once that is done, there will be an icon for LMTOOLS on the desktop. 

1.      Double-click it to open LMTOOLS. 

2.      Go to the Server Status tab and click Perform Status Enquiry.

3.      It takes a little bit of practice to interpret what the Enquiry says.  Basically, scroll down in the result area until you see lines that include the text “ACD_F” or “IDSP_F” or “AECCOL_F”. (I may be wrong on that last one, but it will end in _F for sure.)

ACD_F is the AutoCAD license

IDSP_F is the Infrastructure Design Suite Premium license

AECCOL_F is the AEC Collection license

On those lines, it will say something like “1 license issued.  1 license in use”.  This tells you how many licenses of that type the server has in total, then how many are checked out.

If a license is in use, below that will be a line with the username of the user that has the license checked out.